Arctic Challenge 2016 – Day 1

The first day of the expedition was troubled. Packaging, debates who will go in the cab and who in body, setting flags and banners… But at last everything is done and we’re ready!

Several few hours laid through winter-road. X-PEN prototypes sometimes reached the spead up to 40-50 km per hour.

But then, suddenly for passengers, we turned left and continued moving through virgin snow. Speed decreased, but X-PEN vehicles coped with challenge perfectly! One of the members of our expedition jumped down and fell to his waist in snow! But our all-terrain vehicles continued moving without moving.

Then we returned to winter-road and carried out several tests. We tested X-PEN’s repair-suitability in the field. So, in a frost of -15 to -20, our drivers carried out work on the fuel supply system, cooling system, and – later, and we have to admit, forced, – replacement of the gearbox oil seal liner.

Forest was changeg by tundra, and the day – by night, at the end of which we reached our first checkpoint – natural boundary Pym-Va-Shor.

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