Arctic Challenge 2016 – Day 3

As we told earlier, we left the thermal spring already in the evening. So we managed to pass just several dozen kilometers and the next day we decided to start early in the morning. So, at 5 a.m. we woke up and at 6 a.m. continued our route.

It has warmed and large flakes of snow fell. The weather disposed to calm meditative contemplation. But as the day was getting brighter as snow was intensed. Several hours later the real snowstorm began.

Snowstorm in tundra is an outrage of the nature. Ordinary vehicles, as 4×4 jeeps and trucks are not able to move during the snowstorm. Visibility is reduced to a couple of meters and the wind reaches a very high speed.

We were almost blinded because of snowstorm and it was possible to found each other only with the help of navigators. The road seemed endless. We were waiting when we’ll get to winter road and leave tundra but it took a lot of hours. When we reached at last the winter road it wasn’t a triumph. Because of snowstorm it was difficult to find the difference between the winter road and tundra. Only parked trucks which were not able to continue their move prompted us that we’re on the right way.

So, we planned that the road to Vorkuta will take about 5-6 hours but, in fact, because of snowfall we spent more than 19 hours before we reached Vorkuta.

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